First Baptist Child Development Center is a ministry that is dedicated to providing quality Christian care and developing each child spirituality, mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. It is our hope that the learning experiences here will be happy and wholesome ones. As parents, you are cordially invited to visit us, ask questions, and make suggestions. The best assurance for the success of each child’s experiences is the close cooperation and understanding between parents staff. 
          The staff of Child Development Center is constantly learning more about children at every level. They are very active in workshops throughout our area and keep their First Aid and CPR skills up to date. With each child in mind, they will continue their educational growth to give each child the best care possible. 
         The CDC opens at 6:30am and closes promptly at 5:30pm Monday-Friday. During this time each child will participate in a variety of activities involving art, free play, Bible stories, music, and other experiences geared at his/her age level. All of these experiences are designed to promote a child’s awareness of Christian faith, application of Christian principles, and Bible teaching in every area of development.