Life Groups are the first step to becoming engaged in the groups at FBC. Life Groups are a great way to meet people in your age group or life stage. Connect Groups meet every Sunday morning at FBC at 9:45am. We have Life Groups for every preschooler, child, student, and adult in the hopes of serving them while they are on our campus each week.


Nursery– Main Hallway

Preschool– Main Hallway

1 & 2 Grade– Downstairs

3 & 4 Grade- Downstairs

5 & 6 Grade Girls– Room 301

5 & 6 Grade Boys– Room 317


7 & 8 Grade Girls– Youth Room

7 & 8 Grade Boys– Room 308

9-12 Grade Girls– Youth Room

9-12 Grade Boys– Rec Room

Young Adults

College– Red Roof House

Young Professionals– Room 403

Young Married (Trull)– Room 307

Young Married (Kee)– Room 315


Singles & Couples (Bradfield)- Room 309

Singles & Couples (Hollowell)- Room 311

Single & Couples (Owen, Ward)- Choir Room

Couples (Owen)- Room 302

Couples (Bloodworth)- Room 407

Ladies (Spivey)- Parlor

Ladies (Hutchison)- Beside Sanctuary

Ladies (Whitfill)- Room 408

Ladies (Morgan)- Room 401

Men (Coleman)- Parsonage

All Ages, Singles, and Couples- Sanctuary


Phone- 731-352-5391